4 top tips for selling your house


Recently someone asked me “What are your top tips for preparing a house for sale to improve your chances of a quick sale for the best possible price?”



I gave them my 4Ds to successfully preparing your house for sale:

1. Declutter
2. Deep clean
3. De-personalise
4. Dress

If you can do this you will be well on the way to getting your house in tip top condition ready to go on show.
I have moved house 12 times over the last 30 years so I have lots of practical experience of successfully preparing houses for sale!
My absolute top tip is this – If you don’t have the time or the inclination to declutter, deep clean, de-personalise and dress before you put your house on the market then don’t put it on the market until you do.
Alternatively give me a call on 07966 402528 and I can arrange for Team Property Reviver to get it done for you with minimal fuss and disruption to your busy daily routine.



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