Less is more

There’s a great TED talk by Graham Hill about how owning less stuff and using less space can result in less CO2, more money and more happiness. His three main approaches to ‘live little’ are: 1. Edit ruthlessly 2. Think small 3. Make multifunctional “Make room for the good stuff” TED Talks – Less Stuff, …

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Declutter 100 challenge!

Time for a spot of decluttering. I’ve set myself a challenge to declutter 100 items by the end of April. I got off to a cracking start with this challenge… 89 items decluttered in the first week. Only another 11 items to go to hit my 100 items target.                       I managed to declutter …

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Creating space

An excellent day today helping a client to create more space in their home. We sorted through a very cluttered bedroom to start the process of turning it back into a guest room instead of an overcrowded storage area. We sorted everything into four piles: Keep Charity Recycle Rubbish There’s no photo of the keep …

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