Bring the inside outside!

Create a cozy garden lounge

Everyone is talking about bring the outside inside. Now that Spring has finally arrived and it’s Easter this weekend it’s time to do the opposite and create a cozy garden lounge.

I have just bought these fun, frivolous and very colourful cushion covers for my garden sofa. It’s a great way to add colour to your garden especially, if like me, you have an urban garden without any colourful flower beds.

Before you rush off to buy new cushions for your garden have a hunt around the house for some cushions you already have that have been shoved away in a cupboard or up in the attic. All you need to buy now is some new cushion covers.

Another great addition to your garden lounge is an outdoor area rug. There are lots of inexpensive and colourful ones around. This addition to your garden seating area really will add that touch of style and comfort.

Lighting is another way to enhance your garden lounge. Solar lighting has improved enormously over recent years. Focus some lights on an interesting tree or other feature in your garden. Get creative with stringing lights around your seating area. Invest in some large lanterns for candles. Or just keep it simple and have tealights in small jars on the table. Everyone looks good in candlelight!





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