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5 top tips for sprucing up your garden

Refresh your garden before you put your property up for sale

When you start to prepare a list of tasks to complete before you put your property up for sale remember to include your garden. Here are 5 top tips for sprucing up your garden.

Tip 1 – Power wash the patio

If you have a hardcore patio one quick and easy job you can do is to jet wash the paving slabs. Just look at the difference it makes!

Tip 2 – Weeding and hedge trimming

Clearing the weeds and trimming the hedges really does help to show your property off. It is especially important if you have a front garden as it will be the first thing potential buyers see as they approach your property. If they have to fight through an overgrown jungle they will not have a good first impression.

Tip 3 – Add a splash of colour

Include a splash of colour in hanging baskets or pots. If the property is not occupied then you can buy some excellent quality faux plants and flowers. One of my favourite suppliers is Blooming Artificial, watch out for their special offers.

Tip 4 – Fences and benches

If your fence panels are looking a little tired spruce them up with a lick of paint. Clean all your garden furniture and remember to dress the garden table for the photoshoot.

Tip 5 – Add a mirror

Hang a mirror on a fence or wall. Mirrors are a great way to make a garden feel bigger. You can buy some beautiful garden mirrors. If you don’t want to invest in a new mirror then perhaps you already have an old mirror that you are happy to relegate to the garden. Alternatively, have a good scout around reclamation yards and charity shops.

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