Declutter in clusters

I’m sure you have all heard the saying “Things come in threes” … how often have you been stood at a bus stop for ages and then three turn up all at once?

So if things can come in threes then why not get rid of things in threes?

I’m having a bit of fun decluttering in clusters recently.  I’ve decided to have lots of little short bursts. I ventured into the loft for twenty minutes and found these three items that I no longer use or need.

P1020655 P1020657 P1020660

I sold them all on eBay, proving that something I no longer have a use for is obviously of use to someone else. I got such a buzz out of knowing that they were going to a good home… and I’ve just made £170. I’m going to keep going until I’ve got enough to pay for a pair of outrageously expensive designer shoes!

Must dash, I’m off to look for another three items that I no longer need.

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