Finding inspiration for a colour scheme

Inspiration for a colour scheme can come from all sorts of places. It may be that you have a fabulous piece of statement artwork or furniture that we can use to take inspiration for choosing a colour scheme for your home. Or we could be starting with a blank canvas and taking inspiration from nature.
The inspiration behind the Property Reviver’s colour scheme was found over on the other side of the world when I visited the South Island of New Zealand in 2013.


The fabulous turquoise blue of the water in Lake Pukaki, near Mount Cook.


The luscious lime green of the moss on the foothills of Mount Cook.


The deep dark blue water at Doubtful Sound.


The light grey rocks of the Tasman glacier.


The cool blue icebergs floating in Lake Tasman.

Sometimes you only need to look in your own lounge for colour inspiration and other times you can find it when you are least looking for it; on the other side of the world!

Where do you find inspiration for your colour schemes?






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