5 good reasons to choose white bedding

When it comes to choosing bedding, white wins every time for me. Whether it is for my own home, an interior design project or a property staging project I always choose white. Why?

  1. Clean and Fresh
    I love to create the luxury feel you get from crisp white cotton bedding. Hotels use white bed linens not only to provide a clean luxury feel, it is also very practical too… you can throw all the bed linen into the same wash without worrying about any colours running or fading. You can also wash it at high temperatures.
  2. Versatile
    White bedding gives you a beautiful blank canvas to dress and accessorize your bed with colourful cushions and throws. As the season and your mood change you have the advantage of being able to easily change the colour scheme of your bedroom.
  3. Classic and Timeless
    White never goes out of fashion, it is always on trend. It is simple and never boring. To add interest you can always opt for something with a bit of texture such as a waffle effect or a white stripe.
  4. Wellbeing
    White bed linen has a lovely calming effect on your mood helping you to sleep soundly. White bedding makes your bedroom feel less cluttered and a less cluttered space is more conducive to a good nights sleep.
  5. Brightens a room
    The bed is usually the largest item in a bedroom. If it is dark through lack of natural light or a small room, white bedding can transform how bright a room feels.

If you are looking to re-create a luxury 5-star hotel feel then you should consider choosing bed linen that has a high thread count. Anything with a thread count of 300+ is good and Egyptian cotton is more breathable. If you are looking for an eco-friendly option then opt for bed linen that is made from organic cotton.

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