6 Staging Tips for your Living Room

Tip 1 – review the layout

Review the layout of the furniture in your living room. Is there too much furniture? Is the layout welcoming when you walk in the room or are you presented with the back of a chair or sofa? The ‘less is more’ rule definitely applies in this room. An overcrowded living room is not appealing. A room can look much bigger if there is less furniture and it is thoughtfully positioned. A common mistake is to push all the furniture back against the walls which can have the effect of looking like a doctor’s waiting room rather than an inviting living room. Positioning a sofa at an angle can work really well as shown in this recent project we completed in Tonbridge.


Tip 2 – the lighting

The first thing you need to check is existing light bulbs; are they working and do they provide a warm ambience. You may want to consider adding a floor lamp or a couple of table lamps. Large statement table lamps either side your sofa is a classic layout that works very well. Review your lampshades, if they are looking a bit tired it is worth investing a few pounds in replacing them.

Tip 3 – the flooring

Review the condition of the flooring, consider having wooden floors polished, consider replacing carpets. If you have a wooden floor then consider adding an area rug to help zone a seating area. The size of the rug you choose is important, it should be at least as wide as the sofa and be positioned underneath the sofa or at least butted up to the front legs so that it is connected with the furniture and not an island in the middle of the room.

Tip 4 – pictures and mirrors

Review your artwork and mirrors. If you have a fireplace a large statement mirror always looks fabulous above it. When positioning mirrors, if possible, get a good reflection. A favourite reflection of mine is when you can position a mirror so that it gives a reflection of a beautiful garden. Swap any personal, raunchy or religious artwork for something more general in colourways that work with the colour scheme in the room.

Tip 5 – accessories

A few well chosen new accessories are an excellent and cost effective way to give your living room an uplift. Invest in some new cushions and a throw.  A few colourful coffee table books or magazines can be included as long as the colours work with the scheme!

Tip 6 – plants and flowers

If you are living in the property then you can add pot plants and fresh flowers. Otherwise if you are going to use faux plants and flowers then invest in some good quality ones. Consider investing in a large good quality palm or figus plant like the one we used in our latest Tonbridge Project.


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