Gems at Grand Designs Live!

Here’s just a few of the Gems we found at Grand Designs Live! Bio-fold doors, beanbags, some interesting upcycled items and the perfect den for your cat or dog.

Bi-fold Doors

These amazing bespoke bi-fold doors effortlessly open up and stack neatly against one wall, opening the entire space to bring the outside in and the inside out. The quality and attention to detail is excellent. I especially love the glass handles.


Frameless Glass Curtains


Lots of lovely colours to choose from. I love the turquoise and lime green canvas ones. However, I fell in love with the lush red velvet one. Apart from the fact that it matches my outfit I think it will fit perfectly in Regatta Cottage, our holiday let property in Cowes.

IMG_3224 IMG_3226

The unique thing about these beanbags is that they have a double layer of fabric, the canvas covers are waterproof and can be machine washed. The other amazing thing is the substantial structure, which apparently is down to the inner bag.


Interesting upcycling

We found lots of interesting upcycled items in these two stalls.

IMG_3206 IMG_3207

A Dog’s Den

We just adore this ‘room under the stairs’ transformed into a dog’s den.


Grand Designs Live is on until 12 May 2019 if you want to go check out these items for yourself.




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