Bonnet Bargains!

Someone asked me recently how the ‘Bonnet Bargains’ on Facebook started. Well, in August last year I was working on a project in Cantebury with my good friend and colleague, Katie Jackson of Home Staging SOS. We were out and about on a sourcing (aka shopping) expedition. In one of our favourite stores and we managed to bag an amazing number of bargains for our home staging project. As we started to empty our trolley into the car Katie said we have to take a picture of all these amazing bargains and post them on Facebook. So we arranged them on the bonnet of the car and took a picture of our heist. Hence Bonnet Bargains!

… and then we just kept going!

Here’s just a few of the amazing bargains I’ve picked up since then.

Being a northern lass I just love to bag a bargain… and yes, the handbag was for me not for a staging project!

Please share any amazing bargains you have picked up recently.

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