National Spring Cleaning Week

This week (6th to 12th March 2017) is National Spring Cleaning Week.

It’s that time of year when we start to think about clearing out our clutter and giving our home a top to bottom Spring clean. It can be a daunting task so the best way to tackle it is to break it down into bite size chunks. I got off to an early start last week by clearing out my desk drawers and giving my in-tray a clear out.

Step 1 – Empty the contents of the drawer onto the floor.


Step 2 – Weed out all the out of date vouchers, cards and other random stuff.


Step 3 – Recycle small plastic boxes to organise everything that needs to go back in the drawer.


Next on the list – the cupboard where I keep all my files, stationery, tool box, sewing box, drawing materials and lots of other random stuff.

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