Focus on controlling the things you CAN control

I attended a webinar last night ‘Handling Covid-19 – The Property & Home Staging Live Webinar”  hosted by Paloma Harrington-Griffin, Founder of the Home Staging Association. The other members of the panel were Fine & Country’s property expert Jonathan Handford, and IAHSP Europe’s President Sanja Radovanovic.

I found this webinar very inspiring and uplifting. One of the key golden nuggets I took away from this meeting was to focus on controlling the things we can control.  I don’t mind admitting that I have found it very difficult to concentrate on doing very much at all over the last couple of weeks. How things have changed in such a short space of time. It’s hard to get my head around the enormity of the situation and not knowing how long it will be before we can all go back to whatever our new ‘normal’ is going to be.

In these uncertain times, now more than ever, we need to come together to support each other and the rest of the world and come through this stronger and kinder to each other and to the planet.  It will be a different world and we will all need to adapt to the changes. I am reminded of a military mantra “ImproviseAdaptOvercome”.

What CAN I do now?

I can control how I spend my time during this period of lockdown.

I have started creating my list of the things that I want to do over the coming weeks. Creating the list is the easy bit though… the difficult bit is going to be motivating myself to crack on! The best way for me to get motivated is to get other people involved. Sometimes just telling a few people what you are going to do can be enough to give yourself a kick up the backside. However, there are things on my list; like updating and improving my website and social media platforms, that I will definitely need to get help with and thankfully we have the technology to be able to enlist that help remotely.

I can do all those jobs that I conveniently don’t find the time to do, both around the house and in my businesses.

I can support friends, family, clients and business associates through the many social media platforms available; Facebook messenger, WhatsApp and Zoom to name but a few.

I can do an online course.

I can go for a walk.

I can read those books I never got around to reading.

I can have a go at watercolour painting.

I can have a go at baking cakes.

Some of these things are more fun if they are done with other people. Remember, if you live alone you can still be sociable, for now though, it has to be done at a distance. I prefer to think of it as ‘physical distancing’ rather than ‘social distancing’. One friend suggested that we organise an online ‘Bake off’.

I do hope that I have given you a few ideas of how you can make good use of your time during this lockdown period. Do you have some ideas that you would like to share?

Stay strong, stay safe.

Amanda, the Property Reviver

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