Assistance at a Distance

Is it time to transform your home?

While the country is in lockdown I can provide you with assistance at a distance. You can book a virtual consultation via Skype or Zoom. You can show me your home on the video call and tell me what you want to achieve. You can send me pictures on WhatsApp. I will provide you with a list of recommendations to transform your home.

Here’s what one of my clients had to say after using my services:

“Suddenly, everyone’s using the word ‘stunning’ to describe my flat!

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For the first time, I now look forward to coming home. Amanda listened to my ideas but then took them much further and in directions I’d never have thought of.  She added her own creative touches and pulled the whole project together in ways that I’d never have got around to and never believed possible.”

I specialise in helping you to make the most of what you have already got. I always look for things you can upcycle, re-position, re-purpose or re-vamp before I suggest buying something new. Often just re-arranging furniture and accessories from room to room can make a big difference.

Upcycling examples

  1. In the feature image, the dining chairs were dark green and they have been painted white.
  2. In the image above, the frame of the mirror was orange pine and it has been painted silver.
  3. In the image below, an old headboard has been covered with a remnant of fabric.

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Just a few ideas to get you started and if you need some help then why not dip your toe in the water and try one of my 1 hour ‘Assistance at a Distance’ sessions to help you transform your home. I can help you with:

  • re-organising your home so that it works better for you and your family
  • planning a room re-design
  • preparing your home for sale

Cost: £99

If you would like to book an ‘Assistance at a Distance’  consultation please call me on 07966 402528 or email me,

Have fun upcycling, re-positioning, re-purposing and re-vamping your furniture and accessories.

If I have inspired you to make some changes to your home let me know how it all goes.

Stay safe.

Amanda, the Property Reviver

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