Transform your lounge

How can you change the vibe of a room?

In this blog I show you how simple it is to change the vibe of a room by keeping the big stuff neutral and swapping out the soft furnishings and artwork whenever the mood takes you!

For this lounge design scheme my starting point was the forest mural to give the feel of looking out of a large picture window onto a forest. Very biophilic indeed! I then kept the other walls, the curtains, the furniture and the flooring within the same colour palette to allow maximum flexibility and interchangeability with an accent colour.

I created two different final design schemes, one with an orange accent colour, the other with a teal accent colour. This demonstrates just how easy it is to create a different vibe in a room by simply changing the soft furnishings and artwork.

Green and orange design scheme

Green and orange lounge scheme



Green and teal design scheme



My favourite is the green and teal scheme. Which one do you like best?

If you need help with changing the vibe in one of your rooms please drop me an email or give me a call.


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