New Year, New Home Office

Do you need a dedicated home office?

This blog shows what can be done, even in a small urban garden, if you need more space to create a home office, or even a second home office if there are two of you working from home.

The Flamingo Project Brief

To replace a small delapidated shed in the garden with a multi-purpose log cabin. The maximum space available is 4m x 3m. The requirement is to have a separate shed and a fully fitted out flexible space that can be used as a home office, a chill-out zone or a studio. It must be insulated and have electricity. The style should be girlie, fun, frivolous and incorporate some biophilic design into the scheme.

The budget

£6,000 including all materials and labour costs.

The build

We selected a log cabin, Summer House and Shed combined (3.80m x 2.88m), one third dedicated to the shed and two thirds dedicated to the home office space. Once the old shed was demolished, we laid a solid concrete base.

Old shed
Concrete foundation

Both rooms were fitted out with electrical sockets and ceiling lights. The home office space was insulated and lined with plasterboard. One of the walls was wallpapered and the other two walls were painted. The floors in both rooms were fitted out with underlay, laminate flooring and finished with skirting boards.

Home office/Chill-out zone

The exterior was painted in a Natural Stone colour, colourful leaf lights were installed on the outside of the building and decking was laid over the concrete base step.

New Construction

The home office space will initially be used as a chill-out zone and can very easily be turned into a home office space by simply removing the cocktail chair and coffee table and replacing them with a desk and chair.

A large natural jute area rug was used to add to the coziness of the space. Lots of pre-loved items were used in this project, including: units to provide storage, a coffee table, plant table and plant, small stool, magazine rack table, table lamp and various other accessories were incorporated into the scheme.

Storage units

The only new item was the fabulous teal velvet cocktail chair for just £60. I also used a scrap of the flamingo wallpaper to create a small artwork for the wall.

Teal cocktail chair and flamingo artwork

Give me a call if you would like some advice or practical help with creating a new home office in your garden.

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