Garden fences, benches and chairs lockdown project

Garden fences, benches and chairs

Like many people I started looking around the garden for some lockdown projects. I’m giving my garden fences, benches and chairs a makeover. I might not even finish it before we come out of lockdown! The garden fences and the garden furniture were looking particularly tatty so I thought no problem a quick lick of paint on the fences and give the garden furniture a good scrub. Job done! Not quite…


The fence panels were last painted about 10 years ago so were looking very tatty indeed. I decided to re-paint them Daisy White again as the kitchen doesn’t get much light and painting the fence down the side return white really does help to brighten up the kitchen.

 Table, chairs and bench

All the teak garden furniture is 10 years old and has been a little neglected over the last couple of years.

The first job was to clean with a scrubbing brush, hot water, a dash of washing-up liquid and a dash of bleach.

They looked much better after a good scrub, however, it was obvious that more work was needed to transform them. I got to work with sanding, first of all by hand! I soon gave up on that though. Out with the power tools and I must say they are coming up a treat as you will see from the above pictures. It is a laborious job but it will be worth the effort. Once I’ve sanded them all the next step will be to wipe them all down with white vinegar to help prevent the growth of algae. Finally once completely dry I’ll protect them with a couple of coats of teak oil… and then that will be job done!

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