Shoaling Fish

Fabulous shoaling fish!

Shoaling fish

Recently a client has asked me to help her find something beautiful to go on her lounge wall. She has been looking for sometime for a suitable picture or other interesting wall art to finish off her lovely refurbished apartment.

Whilst having a coffee with her yesterday I was inspired by a coaster she had on her coffee table of a shoal of fish! I then recalled the amazing handmade glass shoaling fish created by Jo Downs, one of the world’s most respected fused glass designers.

I first met Jo at a trade show a few years ago and it is only now that I have found the perfect project for them! It’s good to know that all those details we gather at trade shows do come in useful from time to time. My favourite is the Seaspray set, so my colours!

Here’s just a few examples of Jo’s work.

You can find more of Jo’s fabulous work on her website.

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