Transform your bathroom in 5 minutes

Staging your bathroom

Transform your bathroom in 5 minutes. One of the important things you should do before you put your property on the market for sale is make sure your bathroom is presented well. When potential buyers come to view your property they don’t want to see all your lotions and potions on display!

Insider tips on transforming your bathroom

In this short video clip I will give you lots of tips on how to quickly stage your bathroom and have it ready for viewings in just a few minutes. Create a hotel style look with luxury toiletries, new towels and a few well chosen accessories. Use a basket to store all your every day items in so that you can quickly re-create the look when you have potential buyers coming to view your property. Always remember to put the toilet seat down before having the professional photographs taken and whenever you have viewings!

If you need some help styling your bathroom ready for viewings then give me a call on 07966 402528 or drop me an email me

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