My Isle of Wight stone collection

I love collecting interesting stones whenever I go on a beach walk. I’m particularly drawn to heart shaped stones, bullet shaped stones, tactile rubbing stones and random shapes that look like a face, an animal, a bird or even the shape of the Isle of Wight!

Here’s my recent stone collection from my beach walks on the Isle of Wight.

I ran out of space on the mantlepiece so I went on the hunt for a glass dish to display them in. I did spot a very expensive green tinted glass bowl in a shop that would have been perfect for my stone collection. Then I went on the hunt for something a little less expensive. I just love to seek out great bargains in second hand shops and charity shops. I found this fabulous green tinted glass bowl in a second hand shop in Cowes. It’s even more perfect than the expensive new one I spotted.

It’s great to have my stone collection on display. It’s just perfect for creating a unique centre piece on the coffee table.

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