Refresh, Refurbish, Renovate

Refresh, Refurbish, Renovate for maximum return


If you are about to put your property on the market for sale or rent then before you call in your DIY and decorating team work out the minimum investment you need to make for the maximum return. Do you need to refresh, refurbish or renovate your property? Review each room and any external areas in detail. Note down any DIY and decorating tasks that need to be done. You may think that the whole house needs to be re-decorated, however, that is not always the case. For example, it could be that there is only one wall in a room that needs to be painted. The bathroom may only need a refresh or a light refurbish rather than a complete renovation.

Here at Property Reviver we specialise in helping you to decide where to invest money to transform your property and achieve the maximum return on your investment.

Kick Start Home Makeover

I recently carried out a Kick Start Home Makeover consultation on a 1 bedroom flat in London. It is a rental property and the tenants had just moved out that morning. The property now requires refurbishing so that it can achieve the best possible rental return.

I spent a couple of hours taking lots of photographs and I reviewed each room in detail. I noted down all the essential DIY and decorating tasks. The lounge is in good decorative order and doesn’t need any attention. The bedroom needs decorating. The bathroom needs refurbishing. The kitchen needs replacing. The skill is knowing what does and what does not need to be done. A less experienced person may have recommended totally renovating all four rooms!

If you want to make sure that you only invest money on essential work then call in one of our experienced consultants at Property Reviver to review your property for independent advice before you call in your DIY and decorating team. The job may well not be as big as you think!

We can help you transform your space and save you money

Our Kick Start Home Makeover consultation includes:

  • A specialist Interior Stylist in your home for 2 hours providing on-the-spot recommendations.
  • A follow-up email containing a list of recommendations for each room of your property.
  • Three new items researched and added to a Pinterest Board to help you transform your space and save money.
  • 30 minute follow-up telephone call.

The cost of a 2 hour consultation is just £200 and it will save you time and money. We give you independent advice on the essential tasks to transform your property for sale or rent. We also specialise in finding creative ways to be kind to your wallet and to the planet. We are highly skilled in sourcing, upcycling and re-vamping pre-loved items.

For example, on a recent project we transformed a kitchen by painting the cupboards and replacing the worktop and door handles.

Kitchen transformation

Call Amanda on 07966 402528 to discuss how we can help you transform your property to give you the maximum return on your investment.

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