Time is of the essence when refurbishing a rental property

A swift turnaround on a rental property!

Time is of the essence when refurbishing a rental property. As a landlord myself, I completely understand the importance of turning your rental property around as quickly as possible in between tenancies. Team Property Reviver have oodles of experience of doing just that for our clients. Whether you are planning to rent your property out again or you have decided it is time to put it on the market for sale, we can project manage the whole project for you.

This week Team Property Reviver have been busy reviving a 1 bedroom flat in London. The boys have done lots of decorating, DIY tasks and fitting a new kitchen to revive it before it goes back on the rental market. On all our renovation projects we make sure that everything is in tip top condition so that it can achieve it’s best rental price possible.

At the end of week one we are delighted to report that our job here is almost done! There are a few things to finish off next week and we have got our gas and electricity guys turning up next week to do all the necessary checks and certificates. We’ve also booked our Estate Agent to visit to give us a valuation on it next Friday.

On this project the kitchen was very tired and in much need of an uplift. The new cabinets and the lovely metro tiles will definitely appeal to potential tenants. Who doesn’t love a brand new kitchen when they are looking for a property to rent?

If you have a rental property and you want to achieve the maximum return we can help you transform your space and save you money.

Call Amanda on 07966 402528 to discuss how we can help you transform your property to give you the maximum return on your investment.

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